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I take a client-centered approach to my readings. An astrological chart shows nothing but potential, as it can play out in a variety of ways. It is critical that I center my reading around the client's story. A consultation requires an active empathetic connection between the astrologer and querent. I am simply an astrologer, not a mind reader, so I request my clients please be prepared to speak.

I provide insight and advice about absolutely anything one needs cosmic perspective on. Astrology is a tool with endless applications: telling time, enriching self-understanding, and divination to name a few. If one's interest is outside the scope of my ability, I will refer a colleague, doctor, or lawyer.

I prefer using Skype and Google Hangouts. This can be via phone or video chat. I'm open to meeting in person in a public place. Everything discussed during my consultations is confidential. The chat can be recorded if desired.

I have provided mini readings in-person at events including The 2018 Broadly Astrology Conference and Vice's holiday market, as well as longer consultations in shop at Crescent City Conjure

Choosing the amount of time one requires for a consultation depends on personal preference. I recommend at least an hour for the initial consult, but if one requires more time to debrief and ask questions, consider 90 minutes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions. One can book via email or on this page, below.