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Ancient Greek was one of my majors with half my classes in κοινή / Bible Greek. throughly enjoyable.

i do insist the zodiac is divided into 3 points of perspective i/we/all with those diving lines between ♋︎/♌︎ and ♏︎/♐︎. hard to see ♎︎ collective and ♍︎ or ♌︎ not.

🜁 is future and we 🜁 ♎︎ is contracts - words defining the future relationality of two entities.

in regards to heaven/hell and the solsitices divided by the equinoxes,

i find it alway inportant to imagine the pre-Fall cosmos. perhaps the Fall brought in the seasons?

perhaps there was no tilt of the Earth? even if one can’t believe the Genesis literally, some speculative realism might be useful in revealing the archetype essence being conveyed via the ancient narratives.

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