in regards to Geocentric astrology, the ♁ Earth as center is key to evolution vs. the perfect cycled revolution that becomes stagnate - spirals vs. circles.

in 1º of perspective, everything is conjunct everything else.

in 2º you get ☌ conjunction and ☍ opposition.

but in 3º you get an 'infinite' number of aspects.

so when we say ☿△☽, it's only △ Trine from our 3rd point of perspective. form their perspectives they are always ☍ opposite each other.

the asymetrical oppositions, like finite/infinite, light/dark, warm/cold, are key to evolution. we DO get the golden mean spiraling pentagram of ♀℞ which is beautiful because we are not the center. and yet if we were on the ☽ the cosmos would look so chaotic.

we are at the perfect chosen vantage point for maximum sensual and exrtrasensual experience.

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yooooooo this is awesome <3 vry informative; looking forward to the weekly break-downs. i'm a libra rising with Saturn as my yearly time-lord :-)

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